Rep. Coomer knows the importance of a good paying job that allows an individual to provide a better life for themselves, their family, and their community. In an effort to bring more jobs to Bartow and Floyd counties, he has supported legislation making Georgia more business-friendly to encourage private business growth and expansion. Christian Coomer has voted to cut taxes on small businesses, families, our agriculture industry and manufacturers. He led the effort to pass such important legislation as:

  • Georgia Veterans’ Workforce Investment Act;
  • Restoration of HOPE grants and scholarships;
  • Restoration of Service Cancellable Loans for National Guard members;
  • Juvenile Justice Reform;
  • Criminal Justice Reform;
  • Economic Opportunity Zone tax credit program;
  • Opportunity School District Act;
  • Georgia Fetal Pain Protection Act; and
  • Tax reforms to eliminate the Marriage Penalty and sales taxes on motor fuels.

As a result of Rep. Coomer’s focus on jobs and economic development, “In the last 6 years, unemployment is down 5% in the district, 7,691 new jobs have been created or committed to being created, and companies such as Shaw Industries, Toyo Tire, Georgia Power Plant Bowen, LakePoint Sporting Community, voestalpine, Surya, Beauflor, Constellium and many others have made or kept our community their home.

Transportation and Infrastructure

As Chairman of the Transportation Committee, Rep. Coomer has seen firsthand the vital role our state’s infrastructure plays in supporting our growing population and keeping Georgia competitive in the global marketplace. Blessed with the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta and America’s fastest growing port in Savannah, along with expansive interstate and rail systems, companies in Bartow and Floyd Counties have been able to efficiently transport their products and flourish. Rep. Coomer wants to guarantee that the next decade of growth has the infrastructure to support it. This includes a dramatic improvement of Georgia’s roads and bridges, reducing congestion throughout the northern metropolitan region, and a fluid transfer of goods to and from our ports. Last year, great progress was made towards laying the foundation to achieve these goals with steady, dedicated revenue for transportation based on the consumption model conservatives have long favored with taxation.

With Chairman Coomer’s leadership on the Transportation Committee, new construction and maintenance projects that will benefit travelers throughout the 14th District include:

  • $258,000,000 for Relocation of US Hwy 411/US Hwy 41 connecter to I-75 (FY 2017-19);
  • $140,000,000 for State Hwy 1 and Hwy 101 widening and bridge improvements (FY 2019-21);
  • $150,000 for engineering of Cass-White Road expansion at Highland 75 and I-75 (FY 2016);
  • $6,000,000 for Realignment of Hwy 113 between Alabama Road and Hwy 61 (FY 2016);
  • $2,000,000 for Maintenance and preservation of 19 bridges crossing I-75 (FY 2016); and
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in other traffic relief and enhancement projects.


Throughout his career in the House of Representatives, Christian Coomer has been a leader on education policy. Rep. Coomer ushered through the House the Opportunity School District constitutional amendment to provide an alternative for children trapped in failing schools, and passed legislation to expand and safeguard K-12 educational opportunities for families. He also passed legislation to protect the HOPE Grant and restore financial aid to technical college students, while partnering with job creators to incentivize career paths in our technical colleges that help fill those vacancies where there is the most need. Additionally, Rep. Coomer worked to protect the HOPE scholarship by cracking down on illegal gambling operations in Georgia. Rep. Coomer also worked to successfully end teacher furlough days, provide our teachers with raises, and add an additional money directly back into the Bartow and Floyd counties school systems.

Family Values

Christian has a strong record as one of the most pro-family, pro-life members of the House of Representatives. While the federal government stalls to protect the unborn, Rep. Coomer ushered legislation through the House of Representatives to prevent organizations from buying or selling the remains from an abortion for profit. He is also a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment, consistently fighting against liberal interest groups attempting to take away the ability for Georgians to defend their families. Most recently, Coomer joined his colleagues to pass legislation protecting our religious liberties and guaranteeing protections to our religious leaders from government overreach and unlawful persecution.

Public Safety and Military

Because of his long military service, Rep. Coomer is dedicated to promoting legislation that makes Georgia more military-friendly to active duty officers, veterans, and their families. Knowing our military members obtain a wide variety of unique skills that should qualify them for highly technical private sector jobs, Coomer passed the Veterans Workforce Development Act. He has also introduced legislation to expand the HOPE Scholarship for members of the Georgia National Guard. As a practicing attorney, Rep. Coomer also focuses on issues dealing with public safety. Coomer’s efforts to reform Georgia’s criminal justice system have saved taxpayers millions of dollars while providing the courts the flexibility to help rehabilitate those who deserve a second chance and dedicate our prison systems to those who are a danger to our community and should be behind bars.